Volunteers needed

Event Marshall's Hi vis jacket

From responses by residents to surveys and their support in attending there is no doubt as to popularity of community events such as the Carnival.

The Carnival is planned and organised by a dedicated band of volunteers from a number of local organisations or just individuals. To hold the Carnival in June, the planning begins in September of the previous year.

The majority of the current committee has been in place since the Carnival resumed in 2012, reviving the Carnival for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It is now becoming evident that age and health issues are becoming a factor in how much longer they will be able to continue.

Not only are we looking for people to join the committee but we are also in need of volunteer as marshals for the parade. To give an indication of the need, as a result of the growth of the event over the years, the parade requires some 30-40 marshals.

We also need volunteers to the support the Ground Manager and marshalls for the gate.  The current Ground Manager is looking to step down after and it would be good to be able train a replacement using this years event.

If residents wish for these to continue and thrive then new blood is vital to ensure the carnival and other community events continue.

Horley has a reputation for putting on more community events than the rest of the borough and if we wish this to continue it will be down to our community to ensure this happens.  If you would like to get involved please contact horleycarnival@gmail.com

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