Entertainment At The 2019 Horley Carnival

white geese being rounded up by a black and white sheep dog


One of the entertainment stands at this year’s Horley Carnival will be that of Kidsrome, the farm on the mooooove! The Kidsrome stand is bound to be very popular, especially with young children. 

Kidsrome is a mobile farm, as well as a working farm offering fresh produce and farming services. If you’re looking for a mobile farm, petting farm or animals to hire, the team at Kidsrome can help. Sheep and lambs, goats and kids, cows and calves, chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, donkeys, Shetland ponies and many more animals are available. Find out more by visiting www.kidsrome.co.uk

Flyte of Fancy Sheepdog Show 

Flyte and her friends will create a fun and educational show for all the family in Horley’s recreation ground within the Carnival’s arena.

This unique sheepdog display brings together humour, fun, education and a sense of theatre. It’s not the usual demo at all! The display runs through a series of emotions from pride, to laughter, to tears, to wonder, as Terena and her friends take you on a journey with her dog Flyte. Flyte works with geese to demonstrate the skill and intelligence of the working sheepdog. Using a variety of obstacles, Flyte takes her friends through a fun and testing course showing everyone the versatility of this amazing breed of dog. 

Owner, Terena has worked as a shepherdess for nearly 30 years, and by working with sheep, she’s developed a deep love of the South Downs and the English landscape. To find out more about Flyte of Fancy visit www.terena.co.uk/flyte-of-fancy .

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